As I was reading one of my daily devotionals by Charles Spurgeon, I made an assumption from the title what the devotional would be about. It is such a good word, I want to share it with you so that you, too, may be blessed. “For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor. No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly. O Lord of hosts, blessed is the one who trusts in you!” (Ps 84:11-12) The remainder of today’s post is from Faith’s Checkbook: Daily Devotional – Promises for Today by Charles Spurgeon.

The Lord may withhold many pleasing things, but He will withhold no good thing. He is the best judge of what is good for us. Some things are undoubtedly good, and we can have these for the asking through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Holiness is a good thing, and He will work this in us freely. He will gladly grant us victory over evil tendencies, strong tempers, and sinful habits, and we should not remain without this victory.

God will give us full assurance and close communion with Himself, as well as access into all truth, and boldness with power at the mercy seat. If we do not have these, it is from our lack of faith to receive, and not from any unwillingness of God to give. A calm and heavenly disposition, great patience, and fervent love — all these will He give as a result of holy diligence.

But note well that we must walk uprightly. There must be no contrary purposes and crooked dealings, no hypocrisy or deceit. If we walk in impurity and sin, God cannot bless us with His gracious kindness, for that would provide an incentive to sin. The way of uprightness is the way of heavenly wealth — wealth so vast as to include every good thing.

What a promise to plead in prayer! Let us get to our knees.