I love a good mystery that weaves a tapestry of multiple stories together, that unites at the end and solves the mystery. The mystery we are talking about today is different, and the way to discover the mystery (or insight) is only for us to seek the Lord and His wisdom. The Greek word in our text today (Eph. 1:8b-10) is “gnorizo”, which means to make known; certify, declare, or give to understand. For the Lord gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge and understanding” (Prov. 2:6)

How does He make His mystery known to us? We spend intimate time with Him in the Word and prayer and He reveals Himself to us. We are able to do that because we are God’s adopted children, and we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing. “In all wisdom and insight He made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His kind intention which He purposed in Him with a view to an administration suitable to the fullness of times, that is, the summing up of all things in Christ, things in the heavens and things on the earth.” (Eph. 1:8b-10)

God has given us wisdom and insight through His Word and has shown us He is bringing all things together in Christ to His glory. The Message translation reads: “He thought of everything, provided for everything we could possibly need, letting us in on the plans He took such delight in making. He set it all out before us in Christ, a long-range plan in which everything would be brought together and summed up in Him [Christ], everything in deepest heaven, everything on planet earth.” Since all of creation was made by Him and is for His good pleasure (Rev. 4:11), the consummation of His plan is when everything and everyone is brought in line under Christ to glorify Him.

The mystery is no longer a mystery for He has made it known to us in all wisdom and insight. The mystery is the gospel of Christ: He died for our sins, rose again conquering death and sin, all things are beneath His feet, and will come back for us so that we may be with Him for an eternity. That is our hope! And all because of the work He accomplished–nothing that we did. So that by faith we are: blessed with every spiritual blessing, chosen to be holy and blameless, adopted into His family, redeemed by the blood of Jesus, and forgiven, and we are reconciled with the Father, which is His “good, pleasing and perfect will” (Rom. 12:2).

By aligning ourselves with Him by faith, we become part of His perfect plan and purpose. “And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.” (Heb. 11:6). We have intimacy with Him and are “in the know” because we are in Christ. And our Father is pleased to share His plan with us by His glorious grace. We are blessed indeed!