While my parents were still alive, it was laid upon my heart that ministering to them was what the Lord wanted me to do. They are both with the Lord now, and I’ve been sort of wandering, wondering as to where the Lord wants me to focus. During the years I spent a great deal of time and strength being the daughter the Lord wanted me to be, I was also working full time, and unfortunately, there wasn’t much left for my husband. I neglected him and my home, and I shouldn’t have. I’ve been praying a lot for my husband, and I realized yesterday that I have a lot of work to do to show him that he is my priority. I’m sure you’ve probably noticed a theme in my posts recently on being a godly woman. I’m listening Lord! This morning I read Homeland Security by Sharon Jaynes that really spoke to my heart. I’m sharing the majority of her post below.

There is a war going on to destroy the God-ordained institution of marriage in this country and around the world. Interestingly, Webster’s dictionary defines marriage as “the institution under which a man and a woman become legally united on a permanent basis.” Almost every word of that definition is under attack today. We need our own “homeland security” to establish the deterrence, prevention, and preemptions of, and defense against, aggression targeted against our marriages.

For a man to guard his heart usually means he must guard his eyes. For a woman to guard her heart, it means she must guard her emotions. “My coworker really listens to me,” Barbara mused. “My friend, Peter, truly cares about my problems,” Clare reflected. “Bob at the post office likes me in this red sweater,” Mary pondered. Each of these thoughts sets off the “homeland security alarm.” Homeland security begins in our own hearts.

Homeland security also means that we work to protect our families. The Proverbs 31 woman has represented an ideal for women throughout the ages. While she intimidates some, all would agree she is a role model worth emulating. Scripture describes her as smart, skillful, thrifty, and strong. She’s a good cook, a savvy money manager, a contributor to the community, an entrepreneur, a seamstress, a blessed mother, a faithful friend, a loyal wife, and a devotee of God.

As Proverbs 31:10 states, “An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is far above jewels.” The New International Version calls her “a wife of noble character.”  But I personally like the Amplified version that describes her as “a capable, intelligent, and virtuous woman.” The Hebrew word that’s translated “excellent” or “virtuous” can also mean “wealthy, prosperous, valiant, boldly courageous, powerful, mighty warrior.

She fights Satan on her knees in prayer, she fights her hectic schedule to keep her priorities in proper perspective, and she fights to guard her heart against ungodly influences of the society in which she lives.

In verse 27, we see that the Proverbs 31 woman “watches over the ways of her household,” or as another translation states, “she carefully watches all that goes on in her household”  (NLT).  The phrase “watch over” means to “hedge about as with thorns,” much as a mother bird might protect her young with the thorny rim of a nest. These same words are also used in the Bible as a military term, such as to watch over a city.

I envision the wife of noble character walking around the wall fortifying her home, fully equipped to take on any enemy that threatens to invade her marriage. But lest we imagine the enemy is always some outside force, I believe the greatest enemy can be what happens in our own hearts and minds.

Homeland security? I believe it begins in our very own hearts and homes.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you will show me how to protect my home.  When something comes before me that I should not see, help me to turn my head, click the delete button, or change the channel. Help me to guard my heart above all else. I also pray that you will help me to be a mighty prayer warrior for my family. I will stand in the gap for each member of my family, interceding for them by name. In Jesus’ Name, Amen