A couple of months ago, I clicked on an article that someone posted on Facebook. Just reading the article began over a week’s worth of spiritual warfare in my life. The devil will use any means that he can to drive a wedge between you and the Lord. The easiest way he does that is through our thoughts. When I read the following devotional this morning from Debbie McDaniel at Crosswalk.com, it rang true, and I want to share it with you today.

“Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life.” (Proverbs 4:23)

Our inner thoughts, our words, even what’s spoken to ourselves, it really matters. For it can hold the power to run our lives and dictate our choices. All the more reason to make sure that our “thinking” is based on Truth, on what God says.

When we fill our minds, our thoughts, our hearts with the right things, the wrong things won’t have any room to enter. His Word, His Truth offers a protection, a guard over our hearts and lives, for our decisions and thoughts.

It’s not easy sometimes. The world can be really great at throwing stones, insults, and discouraging words our way. We might get off track. We get distracted. We look to other sources to give us wisdom and direction. Or to make us feel better about ourselves. Many times, we start buying the lie and speaking negativity or defeat over our own lives, and those around us. We start sinking deeper. And believing it’s all true.

God knows how vulnerable we are to attack, in allowing our thoughts and words to work against us, and in causing division or strife with others. Maybe that’s why He gives this wisdom, to set a guard, a gate, over our hearts and minds, so that we don’t allow just any thought or word to enter in.

Another version says it like this, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Prov. 4:23 NIV

  • “Above all else” – with constant awareness and diligence, like a watchman
  • “guard” – protect, to keep safe
  • “your heart” – your innermost being, which represents the very core of your thoughts, your mind, your actions and decisions
  • “for everything you do flows from it” – it is the wellspring of life, it’s that vital

It’s a choice we make every day. All day. To protect our hearts and be careful with our thinking. To make sure our affections and energies are focused on the right things. To concentrate on the desires that push us towards God and along a wise path.

All of our life, depends on it.

May God help us to walk in His wisdom and grace, so that our thoughts and words, all that we focus on, would bring honor to Him and strength to our days.

Intersecting Faith & Life: What thoughts do you need God’s help to change today? Ask Him to help you guard and protect your heart from wrong thoughts, defeat, and lies. Pray for His Spirit to fill you afresh and give your wisdom to hold on to His Truth.