This morning’s devotional from Sharon Hinck in Mornings With Jesus 2017 really spoke to me, reminding me to listen to the Lord.


“A voice came from the cloud, saying, ‘This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him.'” (Luke 9:35)

I’d phoned in a prescription renewal, but the pharmacy called back to say it had expired, so they’d talk to the doctor. The next day my caller ID showed a missed call from the doctor’s office. What if insurance won’t cover the medicine? What if the clinic is calling to tell me I need to make another appointment? I was having a rough day and didn’t want one more complication, so I didn’t play the recording.

The next morning my husband noticed the blinking light and played the message: “Hi. This is the doctor’s office letting you know we sent the prescription you requested to the pharmacy.”

Simple. Solved. No big deal. I shook my head at my earlier anxieties.

It made me wonder what other helpful news I postpone hearing. How often do I slap my hands over my ears, afraid to hear the message Jesus has for me in case it complicates my life? Sometimes I beg Him for direction but then quickly say “Amen” and turn away, not willing to listen to His guidance. Other times I read His Word, come upon a Scripture that challenges or convicts me, and stick my bookmark there to think about the passage another day.

When God spoke from the cloud on the mountain where Jesus was transfigured, Peter, James, and John heard a specific instruction: “Listen to Him.”

I can study the life of Jesus. I can wear a cross as a symbol of being His follower. I can talk about Him with others. But if I’m not willing to listen to Him, I’ll miss many blessings. His words are light and truth and good news.

Faith Step: Next time you listen to a voice-mail message, use that as a reminder to pause. Take that moment to ask Jesus to help you listen to Him.