Yesterday we discussed Part 5 of “God’s Authority Over Every Area of Our Lives” from The Kingdom Agenda by Dr. Tony Evans, and the chapter entitled “The Authority of the Kingdom Agenda“. We are continuing that study today. What follows are excerpts from his book in the chapter The Authority of the Kingdom Agenda.

The Need for One Standard Under God:

Why is it so imperative that we learn to function by biblical authority? A simple exercise will demonstrate our need.

Take a blank sheet of paper and try to draw a straight line down the middle. What will happen? It will be crooked. I don’t care how steady your hand is, if you try to draw a straight line on your own there’s going to be a curve in that line somewhere. But now lay a ruler next to your line and draw another line with it. The difference will be obvious.

You get the idea. When you try to live life on your own, it’s going to be crooked. I don’t care how much you try or how straight you are, your life is going to have bends in it because the best of us can’t live a straight life on our own. Yet, too many of us in the kingdom of God are trying to live life on our own, and we keep messing up. But if we will let the Word of God be our ruler and draw our lives according to its standard, we’ll straighten out the curves.

God’s Word is the only authority that will enable us to draw a straight line in our personal life, in our family life, in the church, and in society. It’s our standard: “For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; He will save us” (Isaiah 33:22).

One of the most intriguing films I have ever seen is called Inception. This is one of those films where you scratch your head trying to figure out all of the different nuances and twists while they are playing out in front of you.

The star character can enter into the world of dreams, and even into a dream’s dream, which would be fine for viewers if it stopped there. But to make the film more intriguing, the star of the film can enter into a dream’s dream’s dream’s dream … and on and on. You lose track after a while.

Since the dreams appeared to be real to all of the characters’ five senses, each character had to create an item they would use to let them know if they were in a dream or in reality. Without this item, the person in the dream might begin to believe that the dream was reality—that what they could see, taste, touch, feel, and smell was real—and they might stay there, operating by the laws of reality within the realm of a dream.

The main character’s chosen item was a spinning top. If his top kept spinning endlessly, that meant he was in a dream. The knowledge that he was in a dream then affected the way he functioned. Essentially, he could take more risks and live differently in the dream because he knew that at any time, he could simply wake back up in reality.

Thankfully, God has given us an item that we are to look at in order to remind us of our true spiritual location, and that is His Word. As Paul wrote, “All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16). When we read God’s Word, we are reminded that the world in which we live is not the final authority or reality. The people around us do not have the final say. Our circumstances do not dictate our reality. Rather, God’s Word is the overarching truth that is to govern, encourage, and instruct us so that we can experience the fullness of His goodness and the power of His authority in our lives.