Today is Day 1 of thea series: 31 Days: Braving the Broken by Lisa Appelo of True & Faithful. Day 1 is entitled, “When You Want to Know How it Ends”. I am quoting portions of Lisa’s post below. I encourage you to go through the 31 days yourself.

And so “will this turn out okay” is the first question that bubbles up when we find ourselves in the midst of a trial or painful circumstances.

When we focus on the ending, we can miss what God is doing in the process.

Psalm 139:16 tells us that “Before we were ever born, God ordained every single one of our days and recorded them in his book.”

That includes the best days  — when the exam is aced; when a velveted box with a single solitaire is offered on bent knee; when the pinkest, most adorable newborn is swaddled and cradled.

That includes the very hard days – the one where the boss comes in with news that the job will no longer be needed and you can go ahead and clean out the desk; the one where an unalarming doctor visit results in a devastating diagnosis; the one where a family is rocked to the core by a unilateral decision to leave for someone else.

God has allowed all of them. Every day held in the safe sovereignty of our good and loving God.

in-the-potters-handsPsalm 139:16 says that God has fashioned our days, each one before we were even born. The Hebrew word for “fashioned” is used of a potter molding his vessel. If you’ve ever watched a potter work a lump of hard clay on a wheel, you know that first he must work handfuls of water into the clay. Then slowly he begins to shape the clay with his hands, pinching, pressing and removing pieces unfit for the work. He often chisels a unique design into the clay  using wire tools and small knives. Even then the vessel is unusable until it’s been fired in the kiln.

While we crave to know the ending – to see the finished vessel – God is about the molding.

As unwelcome as the hard days are, God has allowed trials and suffering to mold us and shape us to become more like Christ. We cannot fast forward through the book. We can’t turn to a page six months from now or ten years down the road.  If we keep our eyes on the ending, we’ll miss all that God is molding in us right now.

  • Trust that God knows the ending.
  • Trust that God has already fashioned every day between now and then.
  • Trust that God will use this for His glory as He molds us into vessels He can use.

Rather than focusing our eyes on the ending, we can fix our eyes on all Christ is doing in the process.

When you’re up to your neck in the hard, remember that the battle is not yours. The battle is the Lord’s. And 2 Chronicles 20 shows that in full splendor. (See The Truth When You’re Facing a Battle). You can journey toward His strength with great hope. With each step forward, we trade our limits for His limitless; we trade our inability for His capability; we exchange our pain for His healing, our weakness for heaven’s strength. (See Trading Limits for Limitless).

Psalm 139:13-14, “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” (See Be the Gift God Created YOU To Be)